Notice: There is only one official AGI House located exclusively in Hillsborough, California.

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AGI House


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Business Insider

“We are living in a momentous time. Maybe in a few decades from now, we will look back at all these seminal A.I. achievements and see that they all came from this house in Hillsborough.”

The New York Times

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AGI House Labs

Advising, accelerating, and consulting with exceptional founders to start enduring companies from 0 -> 1 through our proprietary AGI House business networking event series and community, e.g. sample startups that were launched at AGI House:


AGI House Ventures

We provide venture capital funding to, and partner with, early stage AI startup founders that align with the mission of the AGI House, e.g.:

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AGI House is a community of AI founders and researchers that aims to accelerate humanity’s transition to AGI.

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